by Colton Black



These are all songs that I have been working on as of late. Some are very filled out as a song and near completion while others are more naked. This album is meant to be a way for me to release some of the recent material I have been working on and give you guys a glimpse into some of my unfinished projects in music. I named the album transitions because these songs represent a point in my music of transition and exploration. They will serve as a gauge so I can see where I've been with my music and where it will later go as I record new material and rerecord old songs. Just trying to give my more dedicated fans a look into my music in its rawest form and possibly its smoothest form as well. I have combined all songs into one track for now but will be releasing them separate from one another very soon.


released October 1, 2013

All Instrumentation, Singing, Writing, Recording, Editing, and Mixing done by Colton Black



all rights reserved


Colton Black Royse City, Texas

I am recording and mixing my music as I learn more about the process in order to grow in my craft and put out the most professional sounding product with minimal equipment. The truth in my intent is what makes my music such a formidable outlet.

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